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Shanghai Attractions

After a week of hard work it is a great relief to go and relax in one of the many Shanghai magnificent parks. Here we name a few of them;

Jingan Park

Located around the corner of the Hotel Equatorial and Hilton Hotel, Jingan Park has in itself the unique aura inherited from its past glory and enriched by its present charm. Jingan Park is srrounded by Jinan Plaza , Jiubai Shopping Mall, Yimei Beauty Center , Jingan Temple , and the Historically-famous Paramount , the park is a beautiful mix of history, nature, culture, fortune and fame.

Zhongshan Park

Zhongshan Park is located at the heart of Changning district. To get there take the Metro, the park is located at the end of Metro Line 2. Zhongshan Park has been favored and frequented by locals, visitors and passers-by everyday, which has, so far, made this middle-sized park a place for jogging, morning exercises, open concerts, and various events. For the kids, the park is facilitated with bumper cars, swing vehicles and motor boats. The park is an ideal day-out for the family.

People's Park

The People's Park is located at the entry of the People's Square Station . People's Park is too important to be left out of your must-visit places. Across the park, there stand a line of whitewashed architectures: from Shanghai Grand Theater to the Shanghai Municipal Government's Office Building, then to the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. And the Raffle Plaza built at the corner of the Fuzhou Road was a land for ultimate fun. There's also an in-built art gallery holding seasonal art shows occasionally.

Yanzhong Green Land

From the People's Park you walk down the North Chendu Road for approximately 15 minutes, you will see a stretch of greenbelt, and the grandiose Shanghai Music Hall . T his is the so-called Yanzhong Green Land . The park is an oasis of quietness in the middle of city bursting of noise of everyday traffic.

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