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Maids in Shanghai (Domestic Help)

When foreigners move to Asian countries they will soon find out that having a maid is very common thing. Herewith we give you some tips and information for hiring a maid in Shanghai .

In Chinese a maid is referred to as an “ayi”, which could be translated as “aunty”.

The downside is that most ayis don't speak any English, and the ones who do, charge more. Although the lack of English can be challenging at first, it makes for a good way to learn Chinese and children invariably pick up the language quickly from their ayi .

Local maids, called ayis, are generally paid between 10-18 RMB an hour, which is about US$100-125 per month, with some expatriates paying double that, plus a Chinese New Year bonus. At these prices, part-time ayis are quite rare (although not difficult to find if you are willing to pay a slight premium), and families with children or larger houses often have two or three ayis, one for the cooking, one for the cleaning, and one for the children. They generally do not live in, although can do if space permits. ;

Working hours
Maids usually work 6-10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, and are usually willing to cook, shop for groceries, babysit in the evenings and come in on weekends to help out with entertaining if required.

Ayis usually get off the week of Chinese New Year, as well as at least 3 days over the national May Day and October Day holidays. They often get time off during your holidays as well, although many will be willing to come in several days a week to dust, water the plants, pick up mail, and generally make sure that there are no household emergencies. Most westerners continue to pay their ayis when they take a holiday.

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