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Housing in Shanghai

Shanghai real estate

The most common areas for expatriates to reside in Shanghai are Puxi and Pudong;

• Puxi Hong Qiao area
• Qingpu area
• Song Jiang area
• Ming Hang area
• Xin Zhuang area

• Pudong Jin Qiao area
• Kanggiao area
• Century Avenue area

Since Shanghai has a population of over 16 million people, the number of housing areas are enormous. First step is to determine in which of the areas you would like to reside, mostly the choice will be between Puxi or Pudong. Make sure when you are sitting down with a real estate agent that he offers you a list of available properties in all areas and not just in one region. Here are some things you should take care of;

1. how close by is your international school?
2. how close by is the public transport?
3. how close by are the major highways?
4. what is the traffic situation at peek hours, so you can estimate how long it takes to get to your office and back?
5. Are there any places for social activities close by?
6. your real estate agent's history of working with expatriates, so that you can determine whether he is aware of an expat's perspective.

Puxi: HongQiao

Over the past 10 years Hong Qiao has been a favourite location for expats to reside. It is closely located to downtown Puxi (approximately 15 – 20 minutes West of it). There are several big highways easily accessible close by; Yan An highway and the North and South arms of the inner road. Furthermore it is important to know that several international schools are in close reach. Many villas in Hong Qiao are walking distance from restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, clinics and other interesting sites. Prices for housing in Hong Qiao are considered high because of the area's convenience.

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