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Taxi & Bus Services in Shanghai


Taxis in Shanghai are affordable for short distances, but as most drivers only speak Chinese you will need to make sure that you either carry a business card of somewhere near where you want to go or get a colleague, someone on your hotel's staff or a Chinese friend to write out the address for you in Chinese. It is best to ask to go to the nearest big landmark or intersection to your final destination, as Shanghai is a huge city and drivers may get lost if you are travelling outside of their home turf.

Drivers, while generally honest, are sometimes genuinely clueless and occasionally out to take you for a ride. The drivers are very good about using the meter but in case they forget, remind them. It's also the law to provide a receipt for the rider but if your fare seems out of line, be sure to obtain one as it's necessary to receive any compensation. If you feel you have been cheated or mistreated by the driver, you (or a Chinese-speaking friend) can use the information on the printed receipt to raise a complaint to the taxi company about that particular driver. The driver will be required to pay 3x the fare if ordered by the taxi company so normally they're very good about taking the appropriate route. The printed receipt is also useful to contact the driver in case you have forgotten something in the taxi and need to get it back.

Taxis are colour coordinated according to the taxi company. Turquoise taxis operated by Dazhong Taxi, the largest group, are often judged the best of the bunch. Another good taxi company, Qiangsheng Taxi, uses gold-coloured taxis. The other large companies include Jinjiang Taxi, which uses white taxis and Bashi Taxi, which uses light green taxis. Avoid dark red taxis, as these are operated by small start-up companies and independent drivers and are more likely to be unreliable. Also of note is the "Expo taxis"- the Volkswagen Tourans and Buick Lacrosses. Those are the only taxis allowed to travel to the Expo area. Nowadays it's a gamble whether you get one or not; most companies don't have a way to separately ask for one when making a phone booking, so don't rely on having one.

Always try to avoid using ¥100-bills to pay for short rides. Taxi drivers are not keen on giving away their change, and it is not uncommon to get counterfeit smaller notes for change. Taxis are very hard to come by during peak hours and when it's raining so be prepared to wait for a while or walk to a busy pick-up location. Foreign visitors might be surprised at the "lack" of courtesy or lines while waiting for a taxi, so don't be afraid to "jump in" and get one – it's first come, first serve. There are some taxi stops where attendants maintain a well-ordered line; this may be the fastest way to get a taxi in a busy part of town, but there are not very many of them, so expect to walk a ways to get to one.

Taxi Companies

Bashi Taxi
Tel: (21) 6431-2788

Dazhong Taxi
Tel: (21) 6258-0000

Jinjiang Taxi
Tel: (21) 6275-8800

Jinjiang Tourism Taxi
Tel: (21) 6464-7777

New Huaihai Taxi
Tel: (21) 6301-7003

Pujong Star
Tel: (21) 6215-5555

Qiangsheng Taxi
Tel: (21) 6258-0000

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