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Shanghai Driving License

Here are the requirements for obtaining a Republic Of China driving license with your foreign driving license.


Original and A.R.C. (with validity of over one year) plus a photocopy Passport plus a photocopy

Valid driving license from the reciprocating country plus a photocopy (your foreign driving license must be authenticated overseas by an embassy or consulate of the

Republic of China, or Representative Office, Liaison Office or other office duly authorized by the ROC Ministry Of Foreign Affairs or be authenticated in Taiwan by your country's embassy, consulate or other office which is duly authorized by ROC Ministry Of Foreign Affairs)

A Chinese translation of foreign driving license (if your license is not in English) and must be authenticated by an embassy or consulate of the Republic of China, or by an overseas Representative Office or Liaison Office, or by an official registered notary in Taiwan.)

Official physical examination certificate for driving license application from a public hospital or health office

Two recent photos, black and white or color, front view of face without hat (size 3cm by 2.5cm) and taken within the past six months.

NT$ 200.


Those who hold a valid official driving license issued by a foreign nation and who obtain an Alien Residence Certificate (within validity of over one year) may apply for a non-professional driving license for the same type of vehicle within one year of entry to ROC without having to pass a driving test on the principles of equality and reciprocity.

Rules for applying for a driving license of ROC are based on the principles of equality and reciprocity. Please check the table of reciprocating countries for eligibility.

The ROC driving license of a foreign resident is valid for the same period as that person's Alien Residence Certificate. Before the driving license expires, one must first extend his/her period of legal residence. He/she can then extend the driving license at an appropriate Motor Vehicle Office without applying a new driving license. However the accumulated total period of validity of a driving license can't exceed six years.





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